Parents Corner

Information about Music box for interested moms and dads

Is your child part of the magic of Music Box yet?

If not and you are interested in the program, please contact us so we can investigate the opportunity to bring the magic to your child’s school.

What you can expect from a Music Box class

  • Class duration  is 30 minutes, once a week at the school;
  • Registration gifts are received by all new enrolments;
  • Quarterly/termly feedback on activities and outcomes will be posted on the website;
  • Certificate/Medal for enthusiastic participation at the end of the year; and
  • Parents viewing days in the third term for parents to come experience the Magic with us!

Why do we have enrolment forms?

An enrolment form is a document in which you as a parent gives consent that your child may participate in Music Box.  It gives us the correct spelling of your child’s name as well as other related information to ensure your child is also in an age appropriate class.
We ask for your contact details, purely to communicate with you the parent about what the term plan is and any news or information you need to know about your schools Music Box program. Your information will NEVER be shared with any external company.

Don’t miss out, here’s the paperwork needed

  • Enrolment forms need to be completed every year;
  • Fees paid once a term, in the first 2 weeks of the term;
  • Registration fees are payable once a year, every year your child is enrolled;

Your school might offer Music Box as part of their curriculum in which case you don’t need to complete an enrolment form.  All the children in the school automatically participate in our classes at much reduced fees.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Parents Viewing day, but would love to hear from you at any time!